Tender for the Purchase of F MULTIMEDIA PROJECTORS & 82 INCHES OR ABOVE LED. Closing Date 29th May, 2019, For Details Click Here (Open)

Tender for the Purchase of Furniture & Fixture and Misc Equipments. Closing Date 22nd April, 2019, For Details Click Here (Closed)

Tender for the Purchase of Accessories of Coasters, Closing Date 9th March, 2019 For Details Click Here (Closed)

Tender for Printing of Academy Quarterly Newsletter, Closing Date 9th Feburary, 2019 For Details Click Here (Closed)

Bids for Unserviceable Store Items (Tyres, Toners, cardboards, computer Accessories, Crockery & other electric Items), Last Date 31-01-2019 till 1:00 PM. For Detail click Eng, Urdu (Closed)

Tender for repairing of Photocopy Machine Toshiba E-Studio 7508-A, Last Date 20-12-2018 till 11:30 AM, For Detail click here. (Closed)

Tender for IT. Equipment (UPS, Color Printer, Documnet Scanner, and 75" LED TV) , Last Date 24-09-2018 till 11:30 AM, For Details click here. (Closed)

Invitation of Qoutations for the Printing of Academy's quarterly bulletin, Last Date 17-09-2018 till 11:00 AM, For Details click here. (Closed)

Tender for Sound Amplifier System & Multimedia Projectors  Last Date 16-12-2017 till 11:30 AM For Advertisment, please click here. (Closed)

Tender for Financial, Accounting & Payroll Software  Last Date 04-10-2017 till 11:30 AM For Advertisment, please click here. (Closed)