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Punjab Judicial Academy (PJA) has been established under Punjab Judicial Academy Act, 2007 as an autonomous body. It functions under the guidance of its Board of Management which is headed by Hon’ble Chief Justice Lahore High Court, as Chairperson. The other Members of the Board are Hon’ble Judges of Lahore High Court, different Secretaries to the Government of the Punjab and heads of academic Institutes. PJA is a premier training institution to train judges and court staff in the Punjab. Under the guidance of the Board of Management, academic and administrative affairs are run by the Director General, PJA with the support of faculty and staff.

Scope & Mission

There are multiple means of training and dissemination of knowledge. Publication of law journal is one of them. For on seat training and continued professional development of judges and court staff, law journal plays a vital role. To publish journal and promote research are the statutory functions of the PJA. To discharge this duty, PJA has launched its own law journal, PJA Law Journal (PJALJ).


  • To provide judges and court staff a forum to share their ideas and experience on different legal issues.
  • To publish quality research of experts from fields allied to the administration of justice.
  • To promote interdisciplinary approach to enhance the quality of justice being administered in the courts. 


Keeping in view the objectives of the journal contributions/manuscripts will be received from following categories of individuals:

  • Hon’ble Judges of the Superior Judiciary and the District Judiciary
  •  Persons holding the judicial office or discharging the judicial functions
  • Judicial trainers from all judicial academies of Pakistan
  • Writers, thinkers, academicians from the fields allied to administration of justice
  • Court staff


  • The PJALJ will receive following form of writing for publication:
  • Research papers, articles and essays,
  • Case notes,
  • Legislation reviews,
  • Book reviews,

Editorial Board:


  • The Hon'ble Mr. Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan, Chief Justice, Lahore High Court, Lahore/ Chairperson, Board of Management, PJA.
  • Patron:
    • Honourable Mr. Justice Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi, Member, Board of Management, Punjab Judicial Academy
    • Honourable Mr. Justice Shehram Sarwar Ch., Member, Board of Management, Punjab Judicial Academy.
  • Chief Editor:  
    • Mr. Habibullah Amir, Hon’ble Director General, PJA.
  • Editor:
    • Mr. Muhammad Azam, Director Research and Publications, PJA
  • Members of Editorial Board:
    • Syed Nasir Ali Shah, Former District and Sessions Judge/ Former Registrar, Honourable Lahore High Court.
    • Nomination of two members is awaited.
  • External Advisory Board:

            Top academicians, experts/heads of allied institutions, writers with rich writing and research experience are being contacted to become members of the External Advisory Board. Members of External Advisory Board will also be requested to peer review the writing submitted by the contributors. Presently following persons have been nominated as members of the External Advisory Board of PJALJ.

  • Dr. Dil Muhammad Malik, Former Principal, Punjab University Law College.
  • Dr. Khurshid Iqbal, District and Sessions Judge Manshera / Former Director General KP Judicial Academy        
  • Dr. Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema, Assistant Professor, Punjab University Law College/Member Advisory Board LUMS Law Journal.
  • Dr. Muhammad Zubair Abbasi, Faculty Member Sheikh Ahmad Hasan School of Law LUMS/Chief Editor LUMS Law Journal.
  • Ahmad Munir Mughal, Lecturer, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)/Sub-Editor, Islamic Studies Law Journal, Islamic Research Institute IIUI.
  • Mr. Muhammad Sher Abbas, Additional District and Sessions Judge/Senior Research Officer, Research Center, Honourable Lahore High Court, Lahore.
  • Mr. Qaiser Abbas, Civil Judge /Research Officer, Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

External Advisory Board will be soon extended to include more experts from local and foreign jurisdictions. Regular faculty members, who are part of Editorial Board, if posted out will automatically become members of External Advisory Board.

Indexing & Abstracting

PJALJ will soon take measures for indexing and abstracting of the Journal in line with Higher Education Commission guidelines

Guidelines for Authors:

  • Format:
    • PJALJ only accepts manuscripts in MS Word format in Times New Roman, font size 12, in double space.
    • Authors are required to submit abstract of not more than 200 words along with the manuscript.
    • Manuscript should be sent as attachment and complete detail of author including name, designation, address (including email address) and institutional affiliation should be mentioned.
  • Referencing style:
    • References should be inserted as footnotes and numbered consecutively.
    • The Chicago Manual of Style Sixteenth edition (footnotes) should be followed.
  • Originality and Co-authorship:
    • Writing submitted to PJALJ must be original and must not be under consideration for publication or published elsewhere.
    • PJALJ permits Co-authorship/Multiple authorship.
  • Nature of Contributions:
    • The length of research articles, papers or essay should be between 4000 to 6000 words which must be thoroughly researched and referenced.
    • Case notes should be between 2000 to 3000 words;
    • Legislation   review should be between 2000-4000 words;
    • Book Reviews should be between 3000-5000 words

Call for Papers:

PJALJ receives papers throughout the year in line with its publication policy. However, specific call for each new issue will be published on website requesting contributions, if already received papers are not sufficient for the issue.

Last date for the current issue is 31st October, 2020.

Publication Policy:

Quality tests

            Writings submitted for publication in the journal will be subjected to peer review process and plagiarism test to ensure quality of publication.

 Publication Frequency, Format and Language:

          PJALJ will be initially published biannually, however, subsequently PJA may consider to publish it on quarterly basis. Each volume will, at least, contain two research papers/articles, two essays, one book review. Journal will be published in print form and will also be available in soft form online. PJALJ does not intend to place language as a barrier, therefore, subject to quality tests writings will be received in Urdu and English.

How to Submit:

            Manuscripts may be submitted at submit@pja.gov.pk. Other editorial correspondence may be addressed to Director Research and Publication, Punjab Judicial Academy 15-Fane Road Lahore.

Selection and Review Process of Manuscripts:

            All the manuscript submitted for publication will be initially scrutinized by the regular and adjunct faculty members of PJA. On line plagiarism test will also be conducted. Similarity index should not exceed 19% of the manuscript. If any writing exceeds 19 % on similarity index and is in the view of Editor, worthy of publication, it may be returned to author to address the issue. Manuscript will also go through double blind peer review, where by reviewer and author will not know each other. Author may be asked to address reviewer’s comments. Subject to relevancy, an article/paper/essay which could not be published in any issue may be considered for next issue by the Editor. Each author/contributor will be required to submit an originality certificate along with under taking that writing submitted has not been published in any other journal. Dead line for submissions for each issue will be intimated well in time.

Copy Rights, Accuracy and Responsibility:

  • Copy right of the published material will be in the name of the PJA.
  • Authority to allow reprinting and publication to any third party will remain with the PJA.


           Journal will be sent to all the members of District Judiciary in soft form. However, a reasonable number of the same will be printed for circulation among the judges of Superior Judiciary, District Judiciary, Public libraries and for heads of institutions allied to the administration of justice.

  • Responsibility of accuracy of any fact or opinion stated in any manuscript will be of author alone.
  • By publication, PJALJ or its Editor by no means own or endorse the opinion stated in any manuscript and author exclusively shall be responsible for the same.
  • If any copy righted material is reflected in any manuscript, author will be responsible to take necessary permission.
  • PJALJ reserves the right to omit or modify the material deemed inappropriate.

Copy Right:

All the material published in the PJALJ shall be the property of PJA. No commercial use of material published in PJALJ is allowed except with permission of the Director General PJA. Requests in this regard may be addressed to the Director Research and Publication, PJA, Editor PJALJ.


PJALJ believes in easy access to knowledge and new ideas and also intend to help the researchers to benefit from the research work already done. Therefore, all the PJALJ issues will be available on the PJALJ website in archives section.

Current Issue:

           PJALJ believes that access to knowledge and research benefits all. Therefore, its content including current issue will be subject to open access policy and material published will be available on line, free of costs or otherwise as determined by the Editorial Board. Click here for published editions.

Contact Us.

For any correspondence with the Editor PJALJ feel free to write to Director Research and Publications/Editor PJALJ, Punjab Judicial Academy 15, Fane Road Lahore.

Tel Number Office: 042: 99210257 & 99214055-58 (Ext.138)

Email: submit@pja.gov.pk