Pre-Service Training

In pre-service training emphasis is laid on the basic skills required by trainees in the field immediately after leaving the Academy.  It includes judgment/order writing, management of the court staff and management of various types of cases. The laws frequently dealt with by subordinate courts and the procedure are also taught in the Academy.

In-Service Training

In-Service training is imparted when the Senior Civil Judges are promoted as Additional District & Sessions Judges. The training covers subjects such as administration of justice, maintenance of accounts, case management, supervision and inspects of subordinate courts. In-service training is also imparted to the District & Sessions Judges who act as Banking Courts, Accountability Courts, Anti-Terrorist Courts, Anti-Corruption Courts and Consumer Protection Courts.

Capacity Building Training

The need for capacity building of in service judicial officers such as the Civil Judges-Cum- Judicial Magistrates, Additional District & Sessions Judges and District & Sessions Judges stems from the inadequate number of judges/courts as compared to the number of pending cases. As per international standards, there should be much greater number of courts for speedy disposal of cases. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, this is not possible. Hence capacity building of   the existing judicial officers has been initiated to increase efficiency.

Short Specialized Courses

Short specialized courses are offered in different laws and subjects such as Forensic Science, DNA, Communication Skills, Ballistics, Money Laundering, Cyber Crimes, Intellectual Property, Environment etc. for which judicial officials and lawyers require greater expertise.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and seminars are held on specific topics/subjects which are need of the time. In the past, special workshops and seminars were held on Court Reporting to which members of the print and electronic media were invited. A special seminar was also held on the topic of Manresa with particular reference to the mental health of the Pakistani society. Specialists from USA and Europe conducted a two-day workshop on this topic.