Pre-Service Training Program 2018

Start Date: 02-07-2018


Ist Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
5th Week 6th Week 7th Week 8th Week
9th Week (at FJA) 10th Week 11th Week

12th to 15th Week
(Court Attachment)

16th Week  17th week 18thWeek                              19th Week
20th Week (Court Attachment) 21st Week 22nd Week (at SJA Karachi)  23rd Week 
24th Week 25th Week    


Oath Taking Ceremony Inauguration Ceremony

Press Release: Inauguration Ceremony

1. An anthology of Legal Maxims  
2. Booklet of Hazarat Ali (R.A)  
3.Joining  Instructions  
4. Rules to be Followed  

5. Handbook 

6. List

7. Concluding Ceremony