Webinar Evaluation Questionnaire

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The session delivered the information I expected to receive. *
The subject matter was presented effectively. *
The pace of the webinar was satisfactory. *
The duration of the webinar was sufficient for the material covered. *
The trainer(s) were knowledgeable. *
As a result of this webinar, I gained new knowledge applicable to my work. *
I plan to apply what I learned in this webinar. *
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Webinars are an effective way for me and my colleagues to obtain information and training. *
The presenters responded to questions. *
I feel like I now understand this program or service much better. *
I would recommend others watch the recorded version of this webinar. *
I am interested in attending future webinars offered by the PJA. *

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