The prime objective of all the trainings is capacity building of the participants, improving their professional competence and most importantly improving the quality of justice administered in the courts. Teaching at the academy focuses primarily on:

  • Administration of justice
  • Dispensation of justice
  • Management of cases and staff of the court


The training courses are arranged at the premises of Punjab Judicial Academy, 15- Fane Road, Lahore.

Working Hours

The working hours are 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday with lunch and prayer break for one hour.


Participants are evaluated on the basis of their performance in tests, syndicate reports, class participation, discipline, behavior, punctuality and study tours. At the end of training session, the Trainees/Judicial Officers are supplied with a Performa for evaluation of the Resource Persons, so that the Academy is fully in picture regarding the quality of instructions being imparted. While recording their evaluation, the trainee officers are not required to indicate their names. Recently the District and Session judges have been requested to supply information regarding two months pre-training and two month post training performance of the judicial officers.

General Instructions

  • Participants are required to strictly observe dress code i.e. official uniform
  • They are also required to spend spare time in the library
  • Families and guests are not allowed in the hostel