5-Day Training Workshop for Police Officers

Friday, August 23, 2019

  ‘With the approval of Hon’ble Chief Justice Lahore High Court/Chairperson Punjab Judicial Academy, the Academy organized 5-Day Training Workshop for Police Officers w.e.f 19th to 23rd August 2019.This Workshop included a one-day joint workshop with British Police Officers as well as Judicial officers & prosecutors to discuss Challenges and Solutions to Enhance Justice Delivery in Criminal Courts with British-Pakistani experiences.

         The objective of the Program was to orient the investigators with modern techniques of investigation for presentation of evidence in the trial courts and to enable them to effectively train other police investigators in collection, preservation and presentation of scientific evidence.

        On the first day workshop i.e; 19th August 2019, Mr. Abdul Sattar, the Director General welcomed the distinguished guests with the confidence that that the training will be helpful for the participants in using modern techniques of investigation.  Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jawad Hassan, Judge Lahore High Court Lahore was the Chief Guest  and other distinguished guests were Advocate General Punjab (Sardar Ahmad Jamal Sukhera) Secretary Prosecution  (Nadeem Aslam Chaudhry), British Police Chief  (Naveed Malik) and D.I.G  Crime Punjab Police (Masood Saleem), who shared their knowledge, views and developments made so far in the Criminal Justice System. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jawad Hassan highlighted the new jurisprudential developments and the implementation of the recent verdicts of the august Supreme Court. British Police Officers shared the practices of investigation in UK. Concluding Ceremony of this joint workshop was organized on the same day. Hon’ble Chief Justice was the Chief Guest and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ali Baqar Najafi also addressed the participants and motivated them to play their effective and important role.The Hon’ble Chief Guest                            impressed upon the participants to equip themselves with modern techniques for better investigating system as police, prosecution and courts play a pivotal role in bringing down the ratio of crime. The Director General, PJA expressed his gratitude and thanks to the Hon’ble Chief Guest for sparing his precious time for this occasion and British Police Officers alongwith the other guests for their participation.

        Training for police officers/police investigators continued from 20th to 23rd August 2019. Experts from Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Punjab Safe Cities Authorities and other resource persons shared their knowledge & experiences.

         The Faculty PJA facilitated the main objective of the program i.e, to equip the participants with adult learning techniques to impart training to other officers.

            In the Concluding Ceremony of 5-day workshop Mr.Abu Bakar Khuda Bakhsh, AIG(Legal)Punjab Police spoke about the program and immensely thanked  the Hon’ble Chief Justice LHC and the Director General PJA for arranging such a fruitful program.

         The Director General PJA, in his concluding remarks, expressed his deep gratitude and regards to the Hon’ble Chief Guest and all the guests and participants. Hon’ble Chief Guest also addressed the participants and shared his profound views about the significant role of police investigators in dispensation of justice. The Ceremony was followed by awarding of certificates and souvenirs.

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