Lecture Topics

Court & Case Management
a) Suits by or against the Govt, Companies and Firms etc.
b) Suit by or against minors and persons of unsound mind.
c) Transposition of Parties.
An overview of Rent Laws.
a) Extension of time for doing an act under the Civil Procedure Code.
b) Inherent Powers of Civil Courts.
Temporary Injunctions.
a) Burden of Proof.
b) Proof by Primary Evidence.
c) Proof by Secondary Evidence.
a) Ex parte orders and decrees and setting aside thereof.
b) Examination of parties by the court.
Framing of issues, Practice and Procedure.
An overview of Rent Laws.
a) Extension of time for doing an act under the Civil Procedure Code.
b) Inherent Powers of Civil Courts.
a) Issue and Service of Summons.
b) Impounding and return of Documents.
c) Summoning and attendance of witnesses and penalty to be imposed upon non attendance of witnesses.
a) Withdrawal, Adjournment and Compromise of suits.
b) Local Commissioner-their powers and procedure.
c) Restitution under CPC.
a) Recording of Evidence.
b) Admissibility and Relevancy.
c) Facts of which the Court is to take Judicial Notice.
a) Inter Pleader Suits.
b) Optimum use of newly enacted provisions of Orders IX-A and X (Rule IA) CPC.
Professional Ethics
An overview of Family Laws.
a) Understanding of Revenue Documents (Mutation,  Jama Bandi, Khasra Gardawri etc.)
b) Jurisdiction of Civil Courts in Revenue matters.
Demarcation of Property under Punjab Land Revenue Act and relevant Provisions under High Court Rules and Orders.
An Overview of Civil Procedure Code.
Group Discussion
Res subjudice, Resjudicata, Constructive Resjudicata and Foreign Judgements.
a) Extension of time under CPC.
b) Inherent powers of the Court.
a) Admissions.
b) Suits relating to mortgages of immoveable property.
Questions to be determined by the court executing decree and powers of court to enforce execution against legal representatives.
Alternate Dispute Resolution
a) Public Nuisances and Public Charity.
b) Suits involving any Substantial Question as to the Interpretation of Constitutional Law.
Presentation by Participants.
Supplemental Proceedings and Powers of the Court to amend Judgment decree and orders.
a) Appointment of Receivers and attachment before Judgments.
b) Pauper’s Suit.
a) Arbitration Agreement-appointment and replacement of Arbitrators/Empires and their removal.
b) Submission of Arbitration awards and filing of objections.
Judgment Writing (Civil)
Rules of Inheritance.
Preliminary and Final Decree.
a) Execution of Decree (Modes)
b) Arrest, Detention and Release in Civil Cases.
a) Evidence of Opinion and Relationship.
b) Relevancy of Previous Judgments.
An overview of Limitation Act and Court Fee Act.
An Overview of Civil Procedure Code
An Overview of Specific Relief Act
An Overview of Pre-Emption Act
Rule of confrontation (implication and consequences)
Intellectual property laws.
Confession/Statement under section 164 Cr.PC.
Recording of F.I.R.
Identification Parade.
Trial of lunatic.
Cancellation of F.I.R and Discharge of accused.
An Overview of Control of Narcotic Substances Act.
Conduct of Trial.
An Overview of Juvenile Justice System Ordinance
Importance of forensic evidence in criminal trial.
Release on probation.
Execution of Bonds.
Judgment Writing (Criminal)
Private Complaint
Framing of Charge.
Inquest/Inquiry by Magistrate
a) Proceeding u/s 87/88 Cr.PC.
b) Distinction between section 249 and 249-A
Visit to Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore
a) Benefit of section 382-B Cr.PC.
b) Quantum of Sentence.  (Concurrent + Consecutive)
Appreciation of Evidence
Visit to Wagah Border.
Compromise in Criminal Trail
Statement of accused under section 342 and 340(2) Cr.PC.
Proceedings u/s 514 Cr.PC.
Informal Discussion
Expert Evidence
Important ingredients of judgment in criminal trial.
Role of Forensic Science Agency.